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Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellowship

为期一年的肌肉骨骼成像研究诊断放射科医生成立于1997年. 阿瑟·纽伯格. One position is available annually.

体育外围推荐(NEBH)是一所骨科专科医院. There are 16 operating rooms for our 118 bed hospital, we also staff an ambulatory surgery center in Dedham, MA. 运动医学、关节置换和脊柱外科是三个主要的重点领域. 放射科为职业和业余运动员拍摄和治疗各种运动损伤. We participate in the care of the Celtics NBA Basketball team, as well as a variety of collegiate and high school athletes. Diagnostic and therapeutic arthrograms are performed daily.

在NEBH进行的关节置换手术比在新英格兰的任何一家医院都多. 放射科对初次和翻修关节成形术的光谱进行成像, along with their attendant complications. The majority of these are hip, knee, and shoulder implants. 联合愿望和治疗程序每天都在进行. 我们例行地对关节置换周围的病理进行成像,并采用精心开发的成像方案来最小化硬件相关的伪影.

Orthopedic surgeons, 神经外科医生, 物理治疗医师, and neurologists provide comprehensive spine care at NEBH. We therefore image a broad range of spine maladies, encompassing degenerative disease, 脊柱侧凸, 创伤, and revision surgery. 该部门的神经放射学家执行大量的疼痛管理和诊断程序.

Fellowship Structure

一个典型的工作周包括4天的肌肉骨骼(MSK)体育外围开户和一天的神经放射学. 时间分为MR/CT成像解释和程序. 全年都在发展阅读和报告横断面成像的专业知识. A range of Imaging-related skills are fostered, including selecting MR/CT protocols, refining MR sequences, and tailoring exams to special circumstances.

经过一年的学习,一个人就能熟练地做肩膀、臀部和膝盖的关节造影. 他还熟悉了一些不太常见的关节图,如肩锁关节, distal radioulnar joint, 手腕, 肘, 脚踝, small joints of the foot, 等. 保护时间也安排在超声诊断和超声引导的程序. 我们有相当大的灵活性,并调整时间表以鼓励每位研究员的特殊兴趣.

神经放射学经验主要集中在脊柱成像和干预方面. 术前和术后的MR和CT情况丰富. Fellows learn pain management procedures such as facet blocks, epidural injections, and nerve root blocks. 研究员还可以接受诊断性检查的培训,如脊髓造影和椎间盘造影. 所有的手术都是在放射科由放射科医生进行的.

进修的一个重要方面是与我们的医师同事进行会诊. NEBH是一家相对较小的医院,手术室离放射科很近. Frequent visits by our orthopedic colleagues are the norm. 他被纳入病例讨论,精通外科术语和临床决策. 研究员学会欣赏影像发现的细微差别,以及它们如何影响病人.

Educational Conferences

MSK放射学百吉饼会议每月在周五上午举行两次. It is hosted by the radiology MSK faculty. 我们向骨科住院医师介绍各种成像课题的教学和案例. 骨科的工作人员和教师经常出席和贡献.

MSK 放射学 Case Conference is held monthly. Cases are presented to the fellow by faculty. Interesting cases are discussed.

MSK 放射学 Journal Club is held monthly. 选择几篇(通常是三篇或四篇)文章进行审查. The Fellow presents each of the articles and they are discussed.

运动医学 Conference occurs each Monday morning.  它是由矫形外科和涵盖各种主题有关的运动医学矫形奖学金.  影像-关节镜相关会议每季度举行一次,由放射科和骨科人员共同体育外围推荐.

Orthopedic Grand Rounds is held each Wednesday morning. 放射科每年邀请一位演讲者参加. 的MSK的, like all other fellows in the hospital, gives a Grand Rounds talk in the latter half of the year.


Fellows are encouraged to participate in research. Staff are engaged in any of several projects at any one time. Presentations at national meetings such as SSR are supported.



Salary, Vacation, and Benefits

Salary is commensurate with the other Boston programs. Four weeks of vacation are scheduled ad lib. 提供健康保险、医疗事故保险和停车保险.

After-Hours Coverage

放射科医生在晚上和周末的覆盖是通过传呼机呼叫与远程PACS访问完成的. Fellow call responsibilities match that of staff. 在一年中,每个周末有四个电话,节假日有一个电话. 周末兼职的机会是可以得到鼓励的.

应用程序 and Interviews

We do not participate in the Match. We do abide by the SSR Match timeline. We begin accepting applications October 1st. We begin interviewing December 1st. 我们将在四月中旬之前对我们的单一职位延长报价, 早在5月NRMP等级顺序表认证截止日期之前.

We run a transparent interview process. All interviews are completed before we extend an offer. Interviews are scheduled for a morning or afternoon. Expect to interview with most of the staff. You will also meet with the current fellow. 我们努力让一位即将来访的学员真正“感受”这个部门. 我们正在寻找对我们的氛围充满热情的人,并认为这是一个“很适合”他们.

Required materials:

  1. 应用程序. We accept the universal NRMP fellowship form.
  2. Curriculum Vitae, including your current email address
  3. Personal statement regarding your choice of an MSK Fellowship
  4. Three (3) Letters of recommendation from faculty members, one of which should be from your program director
  5. Dean’s letter or medical school transcript
  6. Recent photograph

Contact Information

MSK Fellowship Program Coordinator
Department of 放射学
New England Baptist Hospital
125 Parker Hill Avenue

Phone: (617) 754-6687
Fax: (617) 754-6409
电子邮件: NEBH放射学


体育外围推荐(NEBH)是地区骨科手术和肌肉骨骼疾病和紊乱治疗的主要提供者. NEBH是全国公认的高质量和高患者满意度. 教学附属机构包括塔夫茨大学医学院, 与哈佛医学院合作的教学项目. NEBH是波士顿凯尔特人队的官方医院,已有30多年的历史.

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